Sony Artisan Software Patch (NEW v1.39 - Jan 08) – Read this First!

This patch is NOT from, and is NOT authorized by Sony Electronics or any of it’s subsidiaries.

This patch fixes a bug in the latest version of the Sony Artisan Software v1.2.5. 

Very Important! This patch is for Sony Artisan Software v1.2.5 only! If you are not currrently using Sony Artisan Software v1.2.5, for legal reason we cannot provide it to you. You will have to ask a friend or check out some of the online photography forums which often have other Artisan users.

The 2 major bugs this patch attempts to fix are:

1) The Artisan display goes into a never ending loop when you try to calibrate.
2) A message that indicates that the room is to bright even if it is dark.

These bugs will show up as an Artisan display ages. It should not cause any problems if you install this patch before this happens to your display.

If your Artisan Display is older it may take a very long time to calibrate the first time you use this patch (as long as 45 min.) Successive calibrations to the same colorspace should go much quicker. If you lose your Artisan plist or reinstall the software you will have to go through the long calibration again.

To install this software on Mac OS X.

1) Go to the Artisan Application Folder

2) Hold down the control Key and click on the Artisan Application Icon.

3) Select “Show Package Contents” from the contextual menu.

4) Open the folder called “Contents”

5) Open the folder called “Resources”

6) Open the folder called “scripts”

7) Replace the file called “calibrate” with the “calibrate” file from the downloaded “Artisan Patch” folder Restart your Macintosh, wait 5 minutes for the display to stabilize and calibrate.

Windows Information!

Limited testing has been done under Windows XP (SP2). The new “calibrate” seems to work properly. The correct location to install the file is: Program File\Sony\Artisan\Scripts

Restart, wait 5 minutes for the display to stabilize and calibrate.