New Color Light Output Metric Gains Traction at InfoComm 2008 and Projection Summit

June 20, 2008
Las Vegas, NV – Lumita ( in conjunction with 3LCD and partners demonstrated the efficacy of the new proposed Color Light Output metric in live demonstrations to press and analysts. Using real world examples in side by side demonstrations Lumita showed how current market leading projectors that are rated by their manufacturers at similar IEC White Light Output can have drastically different color performance. Lumita further demonstrated how the new Color Light Output metric will help consumers to predict projector color performance before purchase. Multiple manufacturers have now agreed in principle to include the Color Light Output Metric on packaging and in product brochures. Tim Anderson of 3LCD presented the Color Light Output metric to attendees at the InfoComm Projection Summit. Karl Lang of Lumita presented research and a technical analysis of Color Light Output to members at the Sony AV consultants breakfast, where it was very well received.